Bringing Music to the Woods

As a new member of staff at Running Deer School, I’m excited about bringing my own experience and ideas to this environment. Before starting here I was working as a Music Facilitator in a special needs school, as well as playing gigs with my band.

Bringing Music to the Woods

Some of the best times I’ve had playing music have been around the fire, wether at festivals or in a friend’s garden, so I have been keen to share this with our students and staff.

We arranged to have our first ‘Music Assembly’ last Friday, with myself and another member of staff planning a few loose ideas of what we could offer.

A little nervous as a crowd gathered in the camp, we jumped in to playing ‘Three little Birds’ by Bob Marley. I find that this song has a very positive message and a calming energy, with the chorus: ‘Don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cos every little thing is gonna be alright’.

We had some time just playing a relaxed beat with a few drums, and getting students to join in with shakers and small percussive instruments.

We would like to introduce the potential for drum circles, which is again something that feels very natural and timeless when played around a fire in the woods.

We can get a deep sense of nourishment and connection from joining in to a hypnotic rhythm together.

It turned out that everyone seemed to have a pretty good day on Friday, and I’d like to think that starting the day with a bit of shared music contributed to the general sense of wellbeing.

One student later gave us a great review, saying ‘That was sick!  Let’s do it again’. So that is now the plan. Friday mornings will start with a music in the woods.  A dream come true!