A fantastic farewell for a fantastic young man

It was with great sadness that just before half term we had to say goodbye to Q.

A fantastic farewell for a fantastic young man

It was quite an emotional afternoon where all of the staff, students and directors, gathered around the fire in Wulf camp to say goodbye.

This was a testament to Q in itself, he was clearly held in high regard from his peers and mentors alike and it was actually quite difficult to chat to him at times as so many of us wanted to say farewell.

Seeing Q’s initials next to my name when the rota was sent out always made me happy and I was never disappointed, even on the toughest days we still managed to laugh, learn, be creative or just chat about life/football.

Over the past year I have been lucky enough to watch him grow into a fine young man, working through challenges and often overcoming difficulties.

Just recently much to his dismay, I highlighted many times where Q was kind, selfless, or just a comfort for one of his peers and this is one of the many reasons I feel that he was so well liked within Running Deer School.

For me this was only the second time I have had to say goodbye to a student that I have worked with so regularly and it wasn’t any easier.

In Q’s last few weeks he was doing some art with Jon and he said that I could have one of his creations (pictured). This now takes pride of place on my desk at home, although it currently lacks stationary it will always be a reminder of the cheeky young man that made it.

I have no doubt of Q’s potential and I would not be surprised to hear great things from him in the future and I wish him all the best.