Back to School

After a turbulent 2020 so far, with lockdown closures and part time reopening, we were all looking forward to welcoming students back to school in September for the start of the new academic year.

And what a start it has been!

Back to School

The old metal containers have gone, replaced with our gorgeous wooden pods as classrooms and work spaces … the students have coped well with the changes to the layout of the school and the disruption caused by work happening on site during the school day … if fact, they have even helped assemble the furniture.

The pods have given us warm and cozy rooms to learn in, as well as much more space for group work indoors and to be creative (and make a mess in).

We have new members of staff who joined us this term, bringing with them a wealth of different backgrounds and knowledge, juggling skills and musical talents, as well as a commitment to supporting our students to bring the very best out in them.

We also have new students join us as well, who were with us part time before the summer, but are now with us full time.

We have eased them into formal learning again, starting with bushcraft and rural skills, art activities such as spray-painting banners to decorate the woods, STEM challenges, an assembly about the history of Vimto (thanks Adam), and even some potion-making!

The new term is now fully underway with busy timetables and rich experiences across the curriculum, balancing academic learning with therapeutic interventions to ensure our students continue to develop and grow … speaking of which, I’m sure some of them grew a foot taller over the summer.

The students have enjoyed coming back to school to familiar and new faces, to cuddle the dogs and to spend time with our horses.

It is, as ever, a pleasure and a privilege to lead such a brilliant group of people and to see our students learn and progress. Here’s to a fantastic year in the woods!

Rachael | Head of School