Countryside Worker Apprenticeships

Charlie reads Farmers Weekly religiously and for him its’ all about the tractors: ‘Phwooarr.. look at that Massey..’ he says in admiration.

‘Yup – he’d marry that’ Brandon confirms.

Countryside Worker Apprenticeships

Both former students at Running Deer School, Charlie and Brandon now have ‘Countryside Worker Apprenticeships’.

They do ‘everything outdoors’ regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the site and for the past few months, have been working with Operations Director Ollie to install the new teaching pods, create the schools new welcome area and car park.

Their placement is predominantly practical with coursework and compliments their time as students. Charlie says the school worked for him because’ it is outdoors and not four walls. I was more able to explore what my interests were and lessons were built around me so it was easier for me to learn..’

Both apprentices pass on what they’ve learned about the school, woods and the horses to current students and having been through the school themselves, are sometimes best placed to help students engage as they truly understand the challenges.

The guys are learning ‘on the job’ and gaining valuable experience, they also hope to get their quad and chainsaw tickets. The school will support the apprentices throughout their placement and work to help them plan what comes next.

Charlie hopes to go on to Bicton College and become a tractor contractor. He already has friends on the ‘agro’ course, is keen to build a name for himself and maybe work overseas in Ireland or Australia. Brandon is not so sure what the future holds but says sagely ‘ I don’t know what’s on the next page of my book, but when I’m ready I’ll turn the page..’