Dartmoor Days

Since working at Running Deer I have been able to visit and explore some amazing places on Dartmoor that I hadn’t even heard of before mainly thanks to Dave who has all of the knowledge on the best places to go.

Dartmoor Days

Today I got the pleasure to spend the day with SW and Cj on outreach and we decided to take a trip to Wistmans Woods.

From the car park it took us around 30 minutes to walk to the woods and from afar it looks like a normal woodland area in the middle of the open moorland but once you get closer and enter it becomes a magical area like something from a Harry Potter movie.

The trees are crooked and twisted and covered in lichen (which Cj enjoyed using as a pretend moustache) and the surrounding rocks are full of thick, squishy moss which made them great comfy seats for our lunch break!

Wistmans woods is said to be one of the most haunted places on Dartmoor but I feel like it has more of a spiritual vibe as some other myths say if you look close enough you can see tiny fairy’s hiding.

We enjoyed climbing on the rocks, taking some photos of the beautifully weird looking trees and sitting very still so we could watch 2 cute little robins play together and wait for any crumbs to be dropped. We even walked down the the river and used the stepping stones to get to the other side.

The sun was shining all day and with all the walking I even said the words “I’m hot” which If you know me it’s not something I EVER say.

It was lovely to just forget about the world for a moment and just walk and chat with SW about random topics and laugh together.

Don’t forget if you’re visiting Dartmoor to make sure you take lots of memories but leave only footprints.