Guilty pleasures

Whilst walking the dog this morning getting frozen, I was looking for inspiration for a blog. Here is what I thought…

Guilty pleasures

Do you have a guilty pleasure? A guilty pleasure is defined as “something you enjoy, even though it may be embarrassing for you to admit it”. I have confidence that most people do. Over the last year or two I have realised that my guilty pleasure is Musical Theatre.

As I do the washing up, belting out a number from The Greatest Showman, my family probably wish I would let it go as they put it with my new found interest for one day more.

My guilty pleasure may be a surprise to those who read this and think I know him so well – you may see me more at home at Sandy Park than Sandy from Grease but it does prove the point that we should not stereotype people and that we are all different and should be treated accordingly – something that we do every day at Running Deer.

So, if you hear me humming a song from Hamilton in the office, you will know that, from now on, my guilty pleasure is no longer guilty anymore (even though you may wish it still was!). All I ask of you is that you do not judge me about one of my favourite things and that you consider yourself what your guilty pleasure is.

It is probably time I end this and take my dog out for her second walk in the cold – or as I call it frozen 2 (let’s hope tomorrow is a little warmer)!