Have faith in yourself

It sounds so easy, right? Have faith in yourself, have faith in your decisions, have faith in your abilities. The trouble is, when you have made mistakes or have not succeeded in something that you worked hard for, like all of us have, it can be difficult to trust that the decision you are making is the right one.

When there are so many people who may influence our thoughts and ideas, it can be difficult to believe in our own.

Have faith in yourself

Sometimes, feeling confident in our decisions and ideas can take practise. Starting a new project, meeting new people or doing something different can be scary. Many of us tend to remember negative experiences rather than focusing on the positive ones. I try to remember the times that I did well at something, or felt proud of something, or helped to make someone feel better. I think to myself “I did that. If I can do that, then I can definitely have faith in myself to do this.”

The times that we felt confident in our abilities are the memories that we need to hold on to and keep thinking about. We are all capable of achieving and making our own decisions. We all have the power to make our own choices, we just need to believe this and trust ourselves.

I used to hear the phrase “trust your gut feeling” all the time. I never really knew what that meant, other than I knew when my gut was telling me that I was hungry! As I have gotten older, I have become an experienced mistake maker and have learnt to recognise my gut feeling and I am slowly learning to trust it. I believe that if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

Despite this, mistakes happen and will continue to happen, no matter how old we are. It is always okay to make mistakes; they are there to give us an opportunity to learn. Why else would there be rubbers on the end of pencils?

Some things that we may view as a mistake can often help us in the future. If Hagrid had not mistakenly told Harry Potter how to calm Fluffy, the three headed dog, Harry would never have been able to stop Voldemort from getting the Philosophers stone! Well done, Hagrid.

Having confidence in our own decisions brings with it a risk of making a mistake. Maybe if we accept that mistakes will always happen, often for fantastic reasons, and learn to make our peace with them, we might be able to believe in ourselves a little bit more.