I am sorry for getting frustrated

This time of year, although filled with joy and festive cheer for many, this is not always the case for others.

These last couple of weeks have shown the wide variety of opinions and attitudes towards Christmas, some very excited, some very very excited, some don’t celebrate it and for others it is a difficult time.

I am sorry for getting frustrated

There are many reasons why some of our students may struggle with this time of year; a break of continuity and routine, issues around the home, or a feeling of loneliness.

Therefore these feelings, these emotions show themselves in behaviours.

It is then our role to help support our young people to explore and express these emotions in a more positive way, sometimes with great success.

So you may ask “well that is why you are there so surely this should be an easy thing for you to do?”and for the most part you would be right, it is certainly why I have chosen this career, I want to be able to help the young people better deal with their emotions to allow them to lead as full and positive lives as possible, however there are times when I (and we) struggle.

Personally this is also a difficult time of year for me, being estranged from my family, at Christmas, when you can’t even put the TV on without being bombarded with images of “family” and “families together” and “happy families laughing and joking”, it is hard to maintain a professional, supportive head when you are feeling the same emotions, and perhaps even being triggered further when faced with a younger person unable to handle their same emotions.

I therefore would like to say three things:

Firstly, I want to say sorry if at any point I have not been the most supportive or helpful or understanding when you needed me to, but know I will always put your needs first.

Secondly, as someone who has been through trauma and issues at home and family problems I can tell you that things do get better and easier, it takes time but they will.

Thirdly, I want to wish everyone, staff and students alike a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and please just enjoy the rest, enjoy the presents and enjoy the food, and next year is another year closer to your futures.

I look forward to seeing everyone in 2021, a year without lockdowns and pandemics and a year to look forward to the years ahead and the progress you will make.