Our school journey

My blogs often focus on what happens during the school hours and what we have learnt or achieved during school. A big part of all of our days, however, is actually the journey to and from school.

The events of the morning and our journeys to school have the ability to dramatically affect the mood and events of the day ahead.

Our school journey

I often car share with Brandon, one of our apprentices. We have had some weird and whacky car journeys during the course of the year! I recall a time when Brandon got out of my car to attempt to keep a rabbit safe from the road – this resulted in Brandon chasing the rabbit down the lane, with me slowly following along in my car, until the rabbit decided to hop into the hedge. I found this absolutely hilarious and couldn’t wait to tell everyone when we got to school. Brandon is very caring and conscientious and has also been known to get out of my car to carry a lost dog to its owner, or to give helpful directions to other drivers.

We have started some weird morning rituals, including getting excited when we see the same sheep stood on the same wall every morning. A weird start to the day normally puts me in a good mood and provides me with stories to tell. Maybe we should all have a weird morning ritual!

Brandon has put up with my singing, my crying and A LOT of my talking. Once when I had a headache on the way home, I said “I’m really sorry Brandon, but I can’t talk at the moment”. Brandon replied with “That’s okay, it’s quite nice to have a silent journey home”. Thanks, Brandon.

Brandon has taught me a lot. We have shared stories and has had me laughing very hard during our trips to and from school. I am grateful for our car journeys; it is difficult to have a bad day when it has started off with waving to a sheep on a wall.