Spanish in the woods

Learning a new language is by no means an easy thing to do. As well as speaking it you have to learn to read it and write it too and even understanding the culture and the people is a hard thing to do and of course takes a long time.

Spanish in the woods

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in a tiny little Spanish village for 7 years of my childhood and which meant I was mainly surrounded by Spanish people and their culture so I had to learn it if I wanted to fit in and so I guess I got the real experience.

School was hard for me for the first year or so because I could barely even say hello let alone understand what anybody was saying to me..imagine not being able to ask where the bathroom is? Yeah it was definitely a challenge for me but with support from school I started to pick up the language and ended up making loads of friends and the village became a little family for me!

When I started working at Running Deer I had the idea that I would love to teach the students a little bit of Spanish but it was a challenge in itself to try and engage them. You have to want to learn a new language right? I then just left it and mentioned it every now and then incase by some chance one of them was to change their mind.

SW started with us back in the beginning of the summer and as I got to know him and chat to him he told me that his dad had just moved to Barcelona and that he was keen to learn the language for when he visits. Before the summer holidays I wrote down a list of useful phrases that he would need for when he went on holiday over the break.

On return to school SW was excited to tell me that he practised his speaking and was even confident enough to talk to me in Spanish. I agreed that if he was keen to learn that once a week I would set up a lesson for him and he could learn properly.

So far we have done 3 lessons and he has learnt how to greet people and introduce himself and friends and beginning to learn the difference between feminine and masculine words.

I look forward to getting back into learning with him and other students in the new year.