Student life in Covid times

Two weeks ago, I started life as a student at South Devon University Centre. Something I really didn’t imagine I could, or would do.

Student Life in Covid times

I have swapped my Fridays at Running Deer School to wear a mask all day and study at College, a Level 4 Apprenticeship in working with Children, Young People and Families. Something which connects perfectly with my role as the Pastoral Lead in our school.

As the Pastoral Lead I recognise the importance of involving the whole school community and engaging in supporting each other as we strive to achieve.

Looking at the recent news articles dotted around the internet, and in the newspapers, it is clear that students current experiences are unique, to say the least. Many young people who may have left home for the first time are isolated, and having to attend lectures via zoom or other online platforms, something that I know Running Deer School students had to work through in Lockdown.

During this year’s Lockdown I had the pleasure of being able to continue to interact with our incredible students, who showed resilience, maturity and motivation to get through these tough times. I am incredibly Proud.

Covid has, and continues to affect our Children and their families, but I am sure that through being together as the community that we are, we will continue to thrive.

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