Wellbeing, Nature and Televisions!

Recently, I have been reflecting upon how being in nature at Running Deer improves my well-being and emotional health.

I feel fortunate to have been working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and that being outside, whether in my garden, local woods, or at Running Deer has helped keep me well.

The huge mental health benefits for all in our school is backed up by much research into ecotherapy, which is further backed up by ‘Biophilia’, arguing that humans have an conditioned leaning to connecting with nature and life, it’s built into all of us.

Wellbeing, Nature and Televisions!

Whilst watching one of our favourite television programmes I was drawn to a current study by the University of Exeter, which is researching how watching nature on television can help increase well-being. This is something that is currently an issue for people unable to access nature and who may be locked down, in hospital or shielding.

The BBC have joined forces with the University and have set up an experiment called ‘soundscapes for well-being’ exploring how our emotion changes as we watch and engage with nature through a screen.

The experiment takes up to 10 minutes, is open to anyone over 18 years of age and can be found at…


Now, maybe its time to put some logs of the fire, put David Attenborough on the box and have a cuppa!!